The Brazilian Symposium on Information and Computational Systems Security (SBSeg) is a scientific event promoted annually by the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC). It represents the country’s main forum for disseminating research results, debates, exchange of ideas and relevant activities related to information security and computational systems, aiming to integrate the Brazilian community of researchers and professionals working in this area.

In 2018, the SBSeg will happen from October 22nd to 25th and will be held in Natal/RN, organized by the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte. As approved by the SBC Special Committee on Information Security (CESeg / SBC), this edition of SBSeg will be under the general coordination of professors Márjory Da Costa Abreu (DIMAp / UFRN) and Carlos Eduardo Da Silva (IMD / UFRN).

The main topics covered in this edition will be:

  • Anonymity and Privacy
  • Auditing and risk analysis in computer systems
  • Access control, authentication, biometrics, trust and, identity management
  • Encryption and cryptanalysis: algorithms, protocols and applications
  • Cryptotomes and distributed consensus mechanisms
  • Computer and Criminal Forensics
  • Secure hardware: RFIDs, smart cards, sensors, tamper-proof and tamper-evident modules
  • Intrusion detection, prevention and response
  • Normatization and security policies
  • Protection of intellectual property and DRM
  • Applications in security (e-banking, smart grids, social networks, etc.)
  • Security in operating systems
  • Security in cloud computing environments
  • Security in databases
  • Security in Internet of Things and embedded systems
  • Security in computer networks
  • Security in mobile networks and vehicular networks
  • Secure Software: Development, Testing, Certification
  • Electronic voting